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Van showing NICEIC approved contractor logo
04 Dec, 2023

What does NICEIC stand for?

NICEIC are the initials for the UK’s leading electrical regulatory body and has been established for over 60 years now. It is the acronym of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors. That is a high and mighty sounding title but what does it actually mean to you? It is your assurance that an […]

Storage heater on a wall
30 Nov, 2023

Night Storage Heaters – How They Work

Night storage heaters are designed to enable you to heat your home steadily throughout the day by using the cheaper nighttime electric rate to create the heat. How they work :- Storage heaters work by heating up bricks inside the heater during off peak hours, when electricity is cheaper than the daytime rate. The bricks […]

20 Oct, 2023

What is an SPD and What does it do?

S.P.D. stands for Surge Protection Device. It is a device that protects the electrical installation, and connected devices, within a property, i.e the consumer unit, all wiring and sockets, lights etc, from an electrical ‘surge’ known as transient over voltages. What can cause these ‘surges’? A surge, or over voltage, can be caused by lightning […]

24 May, 2023

What Is An RCD And Why Do I Need One?

An RCD – Residual Current Device – Is A Super Safety Switch That Switches Off As Soon As It Registers Any Difference Or ‘Spike’ In The Flow Of Electrical Current. An RCD can be triggered by something as simple as a light bulb blowing, an appliance that has just switched on which may have a […]

24 May, 2023

Power Supply To Garden

Is A Power Supply To The Garden What You Have Always Wanted? Are you fed up with having to fit an extension lead that trails down the side of the lounge or kitchen and up through the window whenever you want to mow the lawn? Worse still, when you have the same extension lead running […]

24 May, 2023

What is an EICR and who needs one?

EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report and is required by every landlord who is renting out a property as well as, ideally, every homeowner. Read on to see why! Who needs an EICR? Landlords Landlords who rent out any residential property must have an EICR rated ‘satisfactory’ in place and issue it to each […]